Allen Hughes to Direct Crime Drama A BITTERSWEET LIFE

Movieby Joey Paur

Director Allen Hughes of the Hughes Brothers is set to direct a remake of the Korean crime drama called A Bittersweet Life. This will be Allen's first feature film without his brother Albert, who recently directed the film Broken City on his own.

The original film stars Lee Byung-hun (I Saw the Devil), and apparently it's very violent. It also illustrates the ethical codes in the Korean mob and how they clash with personal morality. Here's a description of the original film,

Sunwoo is no ordinary hotel manager. Decisive and efficient, he's also the right hand man of underworld boss Kang. But tough guy Kang has a weakness; his young girlfriend Heesoo. Suspecting she's unfaithful, Kang orders Sunwoo to take care of the problem. When Sunwoo discovers Heesoo with another man, he is unable to kill them without a reasonable explanation. Sunwoo has a hunch that in doing so he has made the first mistake of his life. But before he can figure out why he has this feeling he falls victim to a surprise attack. 

Kang is furious and has ordered his gang members to hunt down Sunwoo and kill him. Heesoo may have triggered the conflict, but she is no longer what is driving Sunwoo. With nerves of steel, Sunwoo battles the gang alone. With each kill, he takes one step closer to Kang.

This sounds like a solid movie, I have yet to watch it, but I'll get to it in the near future. The script for the remake was written by Anthony Peckham, who also worked on films such as Deep Sea Cowboys and The Book of Eli.

Have you seen A Bittersweet Life, and do you think it needs to be remade? 

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