Guillermo del Toro is Now Excited about PACIFIC RIM's 3D Conversion

It was recently announced that Guillermo del Toro's epic looking robot versus monster movie Pacific Rim would be getting a 3D conversion. This came after the director talked about why he didn't want the film to be in 3D at Comic-Con. Many of us thought the director was pressured into converting, and he probably was, but there were certain conditions that he asked for before he agreed to it. 

In an interview with STYD the director talks about what happened, his conditions and why he's now excited about converting it.

What happened was, in the weeks and months following Comic-Con, what I asked from the studio was to agree to four points that I wanted to do. The more the ILM shots arrived, the more I realized that there were only a few shots that would miniaturize. I asked the studio, number one, that we would not hyper-stereo-lize the thing. That we would not force 3D on the beauty shots. That we would keep the giant dimensions. They agreed. Number two, they agreed to something very unusual. Normally a conversion takes a few weeks. I asked to start it immediately so we could take the full 40 weeks to do the conversion. As an example, 'Titanic' took about 50 weeks to convert. The final thing that I asked that they agreed to, which was amazing, was that I asked them to give me an extra budget, which is considerable, to actually have ILM composite the shots that are CG native 3D. We're not giving elements. ILM is giving the composite in 3D from the get-go. That's a huge, huge element. Now I'm going to be involved in supervising it. What can I tell you? I changed my mind. I'm not running for office. I can do a Romney. 

The director goes on to talk about the post-production on the movie saying,

It's going great! We're about 40 weeks away from opening but, nevertheless, the pace is breakneck. So far, though, it's been the best experience I've ever had.

Pacific Rim is set to hit theaters July 12th, 2013. I'm very excited for you to see the first footage of this movie. They showed some of it off at Comic-Con this year, and if you were there, then you know how badass this movie is going to be. This movie is huge! I seriously wish Del Toro would have shot the thing in IMAX.

What do you think about his decision to convert the film into 3D? I'm happy he got what he wanted with the conditions he asked for, but I'm still not sold on 3D conversions.

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