GeekStarter - G.I. JOE: INITIATE Fan Film

Geekstarter usually focuses on projects that have are waiting to be filmed, but this time we've got a cool geeky project that has already been shot. G.I. Joe: Initiate is from Bulletproof Owl Productions and stars Frederic Doss, Brandon Slagle, Greg Vestal, Michael Brown, Rusty Brooks, Michael P. Gardner, Cody Vidal, and Dometrius Hill.

Frederick Doss directed the film, based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Anthony Schiavino. The story follows "a team of GI Joes infiltrate a COBRA compound in Springfield, USA."

Here is a description about the making of the film:

Making a film, especially a fan film, is not an incredibly easy feat to pull off.  One of the biggest obstacles is getting the word out there and finding support.. Another major key point is finding all the cool gear, wardrobe, and equipment needed to make the film as awesome as humanly possible; Cobra can’t show up to the fight wearing jeans and T-shirts, now can they? We were still in need of more help with outfitting our Joes and Cobra to the max.  These are the companies and sites that came to our rescue.  Without their support, this film wouldn't happen.  Everyone below helped with the film and we truly appreciate their love and support.  If you are a fan of our film, you owe all of these folks an extra special thanks for making it awesome.

Help support the film, visit, and make a donation! Be sure to LIKE the film on Facebook too.

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