Ruben Fleischer set to Direct SPY HUNTER Movie

Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer has signed on to direct the big screen feature film adaptation of the classic 1983 arcade game Spy Hunter for Warner Bros.

A film adaptation of this game has been trying to get made for years. Over the years, the film has attracted talent such as John Woo, Dwayne Johnson and Paul W.S. Anderson. The movie could have gone to anyone, but I'm happy to see it in the hands of someone like Fleisher who most recently directed the period Los Angeles period police drama Gangster Squad.

The story follows a highly trained spy whose job it is to eliminate rogue agents when they become liabilities to their governments. He travels in the G-6155 Interceptor, a sports car tricked out with an array of weapons that frequently is challenged by enemy vehicles. The question is, will Fleischer try to bring on Ryan Gosling to take on the lead role? After the movie Drive I can easily see Gosling take on this part. 

The studio previously hired Chad St. John to write the script for the movie. He's written a couple screenplays such as Albert Hughes' Motor City and Joel Silver's Sgt. Rock. According to Vulture the new director of the film will start looking at new screenwriters to write a new script. 

Fleischer is a solid choice to bring this movie to life. I'm sure he'll end up giving audiences an entertainingly badass flick, and I'm excited to see how it turns out! What do you think of Fleischer taking on Spy Hunter?

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