Todd Phillips to Direct Thriller TRUST YOUR EYES

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to a book called Trust Your Eyes written by Linwood Barclay. The movie is a conspiracy thriller that will be directed and produced by The Hangover director Todd Phillips

Variety describes the story as a cross between Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and Barry Levinson's Rain Man, and the story follows "a schizophrenic, map-obsessed savant who witnesses a murder online on Manhattan's Lower East Side. He insists that his older brother investigate, and it's not long before the siblings cross paths with a politically-connected ex-cop and his ice pick-wielding henchwoman, who are themselves scrambling to clean up after a high-stakes screwup."

Phillips is known for his comedy films, but this newest movie definitely is not a comedy. The director is obviously looking to branch out into other film genres. He's also developing a remake of the drama The Gambler for Paramount. Trust Your Eyes will be his first thriller. Right now he's shooting The Hangover 3.

Are you looking forward to seeing Phillips expand his horizon as a filmmaker?

Here's the description of the book:

A schizophrenic man spends his days and nights on a website called Whirl360, believing he’s employed by the CIA to store the details of every town and city in the world in his head. Then one day, he sees something that shouldn’t be there: a woman being murdered behind a window on a New York street. Suddenly Thomas has more to deal with than just his delusions, as he gets drawn into a deadly conspiracy.

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