Worst Movie Death Scene Ever And The Original Unedited Version

HumorVideos Scream by Mick Joest

Yesterday a viral video sprung up on the web of the most painfully awkward death ever shot in cinematic history. Yes, I know there is a long list of those but we all know the internet deals in absolutes so forget the past and welcome the new "worst movie death scene ever" coming from the Turkish film Karateci Kiz. The viral version is hilarious, but not entirely accurate to the events in the movie. Upon viewing the actual clip from the film it appears that the "man scream" is not in the original, but still incredibly funny. Plus you get to see the events leading up to the scene (which starts at 2:09), which are just as hilarious. If you haven't seen the video circulating the web we threw that in as well so enjoy it!

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