Historical Photos of STAR WARS in the Real World

Here's a cool collection of vintage looking historical photos that shows elements of the Star Wars universe in the real world throughout history. This evidence of our secret history comes from ISWWR (If Star Wars Was Real). I love how these turned out, and it's always fun to see the stuff we geek out over combined with the read world.

The ISWWR Team also give fun one-liners some of which include:

"Jawas would run every used car lot." - Andrew Marzka

"A new comedy series on TV would be called How I Met My Sister." -- Mark Seely

"Your microwave would constantly remind you it is well versed in over six million forms of communication."

"The World Series would have a new meaning." -- Andrew Martin Hogsten

"Mustafar would have been covered with signs reading: WARNING: LAVA" -- Bryan Patrick Stoyle

"Windows Vista wouldn't be any better." -- Mark Seely

"George Lucas would be broke." -- Andrew Martin Hogsten

"Mom would be living in MY basement."

"There wouldn't be much 'celebrating' at Star Wars conventions."

"People would dress up in t-shirts and jeans at conventions." -- Miriam Tait-Walters

Check out the collection of photos and tell us what your favorite Star Wars historical setting is! Head on over to ISWWR to see more!

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