LIBERAL ARTS Trailer - With Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen

For those of you looking for a cute sentimental romance film, Liberal Arts might just be what you're looking for. The movie was directed by How I Met You Mother's Josh Radnor, who co-stars along side Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins, Zac Efron, and Allison Janney

The story centers on Jesse Fisher (Radnor), a 35-year-old who works in the admissions department of a New York university. When he returns to Ohio to speak at his former professor's (Jenkins) retirement, he meets Zibby (Olsen), a 19-year-old sophomore with whom he feels a genuine connection. They find common ground in a love of classical music, and though Jesse heads back to New York, they continue their relationship through a series of hand-written letters.

Ben saw the movie up at Sundance and had this to say in his review, "Truth be told, though, this film belongs to Radnor and Olsen, both giving aggressively good performances and further cementing Olsen's status as a star on the rise.... Efron totally steals the movie, adding a much needed comedic interlude to some of the more heady discussions you may assume would be in a film with this title. I liked the movie quite a bit; it's one of the few true crowd pleasers I've seen at the festival so far."

The movie will get a limited release on September 14th. Check out the trailer and let us know if it interests you!

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