KICK-ASS 2 Behind the Scenes Photos Tease Mother Russia

Director Jeff Wadlow starts shooting Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall this coming Friday, so there's a lot of prep work being done right now. Waldlow has taken to Twitter to give us a bunch of cool behind the scenes photos showing us some of the cast as well as some props. The image directly above features Christopher Mintz-Plasse meeting Mother Russia for the first time. We still don't know who is playing Mother Russia, but it sure looks like she can kick some ass!


With the image above, Wadlow tweeted the following comment - "We just got Hit Girl's bike, Guess what color we're gonna paint it?"

Moretz tweeted back - "I am totally keeping it." 

Wadlow fired back - "You're gonna have to fight Mother Russia for it..." 

These next photos give us a look at the film's costumes, sets and props, which also includes Mother Russia's crazy big blade.

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