Kansas City Man Wants to Rename His Town SMALLVILLE

A comic book artist named Christopher Wietrick from Hutchinson, Kansas is trying to legally have his town renamed after the town that Superman grew up in, Smallville. This town doesn't actually exist in the real world, but we'd all like to think and believe that there's a little Smallville in every town that we grew up in. Wietrick is taking it to a new level though, he's started a campaign to make it happen and lists several reasons why it should be his town that gets the Smallville stamp of approval. 

You can watch a video right here in which Wietrick pleads his case. He's also listed a few reason on the official Facebook page that he set up for it. He makes an argument that it's the perfect location, as it’s only about an hour from a major metropolis and more, and there are “Clark” and “Kent” roads in the town. Weitrick is also working on a comic book that will also show why the town should be renamed Smallville. All of the proceeds to that will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Hutchinson.

I sure hope this guy succeeds, that would be pretty cool. Here's a few more similarities listed.

It only makes sense!! This is in the Underground Salt Museum. Coincidence....I think not.

  • Smallville, being a relatively small town, receives most of it's TV and radio broadcasts from a larger, nearby city. It is revealed, however, that Smallville also has at least one of their own radio stations. (Superboy #195 - June 1973)
  • Hutchinson High School's mascot is a bird. Need I say more? Smallville Crows!! CAW! CAW!

If you've been to Hutchinson, you've seen the amazing mural at Avenue A Park. My question is...what are they looking for up in the sky? 

A bird....a plane?? Superman??

  • Smallville's downtown is frequently shown to be centered around a park and a gazebo, on Center Street (Smallville's Main Street).

Does Hutchinson sit on top of a massive supply of Kryptonite? 
We do have a tremendous supply of a white, crystalline mineral that provides life to any planet. We have an underground museum for it. We already know that Superman left his costume down there. Explain this!!! I think Clark has been down there making trades!!!

  • The Smallville Crows won the State Championship for football, in 2004. 2004? Isn't that the year that the Hawks started winning state titles? :)

We've covered population and shown that Hutchinson is a VERY close match. What about location? In the graphic novel, The Kents, Smallville is located on the Arkansas River.

There are 5 "major" towns that this river runs through in Kansas. Here they are listed, with the latest population numbers. Remember, Smallville has 45,000!!

Garden City - 26,658
Dodge City - 27,921
Great Bend - 16,092
Hutchinson - 42,080
Wichita - 384,445

Case closed. Nah...we have much more proof than that. Tomorrow, we'll tie these two facts to another.

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