DREDD 3D Currently is At 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, it's still 2 weeks out. But for those of you wanting to see this movie, this is incredibly good news. With reviews coming most notably from Empire and Variety the movie currently stands at 27 "fresh" reviews, we can only wait and see if the rating will stand in the coming weeks. A possible reason for this is that people may not be watching this movie as closely as other releases so not as many critics are flocking to find opportunities to see it, but I hope it's because it's just that good. For the record Joey and Ben were big fans of the entire film! Here's what other critics had to say.

Grim, gritty and ultra-violent, Dredd reinstates the somber brutality missing from the U.K. comicbook icon's previous screen outing, the disappointing 1995 Sylvester Stallone starrer Judge Dredd. -Geoff Berkshire, Variety

A solid, occasionally excellent take on the character, with Urban's chin particularly impressive. -Chris Hewitt, Empire Magazine
The story is unoriginal but there's enough action and visual inventiveness to keep fans of the comic book happy. -Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express

So at least we know it's better than the original...but I highly doubt it can match the awesomeness of this scene.

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