Michael Keaton To Direct Family Drama BUTTERCUP

Nope, unfortunately this isn't a sequel to The Princess Bride. (Wait. Actually, that would probably be terrible. I'm glad that's not happening.) Variety reports that erstwhile Batman Michael Keaton is stepping behind the camera to direct Buttercup, a project once lined up for Away From Her director Sarah Polley.

Alice O'Neil wrote the screenplay, and Niki Caro had slipped into the director's chair before she had to bail and Keaton eventually took over. The story "follows an adult woman who is forced to assume responsibility for her elderly father after he is arrested for drunk driving again. In doing so, she learns to not only accept his faults, but finally trust the other men in her life."

Jennifer Aniston and Alan Arkin were once attached to appear, but now neither one is involved. (Man, what's with people dropping out or moving on from this movie?) The movie is casting now, but with a career in Hollywood as long as Keaton's, I'd imagine he's made a few friends and can call in some favors.

It'll definitely be a change of pace for the actor, who has recently booked roles in RoboCop, along with a spot in Superbad helmer Greg Mottola's HBO movie with John Hamm and Larry David. Keaton directed one other film before, a straight-to-DVD effort in which he starred called The Merry Gentleman.

Interested to see what the former Dark Knight can do behind the camera?