Hilariously Badass CG Animated Short - CATZILLA

Check out this incredibly fun and entertaining CG animated action short called Catzilla. It features a giant monster cat destroying a city, and it eventually ends up battling another cat creature. It was hard not to laugh at the ridiculousness of this short, but it was done incredibly well, and it turned out awesome!

Catzilla was directed by Bartłomiej Kik and Jakub Jabłoński. Here's a note from the Vimeo page,

Catzilla is our latest project to date. It's a realtime PC benchmark that will get all the juices from your PC. Finally we had some time to make a proper demo. It was made with a nice collaboration with Platige Image. We did the code, they did the art. The music was made exclusively by Bent 'subsquare' Stamnes. Thanks for watching!

Enjoy the show!

Catzilla from Plastic Demoscene Group on Vimeo.


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