Incredible Naval Battle Short Film - 1588 The Underwater Realm

Here's an incredibly well made short film called 1588 that's part of a series of shorts called The Underwater Realm. The short was produced by Realm Pictures and directed by David M Reynolds. The project was also completely funded through Kickstarter.

This truly is an impressively made short with amazing production value. Each short is set in a different time period, and they take the viewer and characters into the mysterious underwater world of the Atlanteans. Here's a description to get you started...

1588 - A great armada sails from Spain. Seeking to place a catholic monarch on the English thrown. In the fierce naval battles that follow over twenty thousand souls are lost to sea.

Hope you enjoy this one! There's more to come! 

The Underwater Realm - Part III - 1588 (HD) from Realm Pictures on Vimeo.


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