Listen to Dan Trachtenberg Talking About Y: THE LAST MAN

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

Last night news hit that the director of the awesome Portal short film, Dan Trachtenenberg, was hired to direct the big screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s comic book series Y: The Last Man. He may not have any feature film experience under his belt, but he is a talented individual who's a huge fan of the material. In a tweet he sent out last night he said, "I didn't just land a dream job, I landed MY dream job." How freakin' cool is that?! This is the start of an awesome filmmaking career for the the former "Totally Rad Show" host. 

Seven years ago, back in 2006 Trachtenberg talked about the comic on his podcast Geekdrome. Youtuber SlapDash uploaded the audio on Youtube, and you can listen to it below! It will be fun to see this movie come together.

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