MARVEL HEROES: Excelsior! Release Date and Founder Program Announced

Marvel & Gazillion Entertainment (developers of Marvel Heroes) announced a few tidbits of interesting information on the upcoming Marvel MMORPG. The game is slated to release sometime in Spring of this year (2013), and is currently in the early stages of its closed beta. 

Secondly they announced and showed the various tiers of their founders program. Players can opt into three different tiers, which include 16 starter packs, 7 premium packs, and finally one ultimate pack. Here are some additional details.

Starter Packs

The starter packs ($19.99) will get you one additional character (including Captain America, Cyclops, Hulk, Thor, Spidey, Black Widow, among others), 2 costumes, and some additional money, xp, and days of early access.

Premium Packs

The premium packs ($59.99) focus on teams, and include 4 characters (featuring the movie versions of the Avengers, Xforce, Deadpool's various guises, etc), 8 costumes, and more of the other extras from the starter.

Ultimate Pack

Finally we have the ultimate pack ($199.99), which gets you all characters, all costumes, and some of the other characters and extras that were promised initially but will not come out at launch (such as Squirrel Girl, White Queen, extra costumes, etc). 

While the main game is still free to play, these founder programs seem to be good ways to get some initial cash flow in the beginning for developers. I really have no problem with it, and to be honest I'm considering going in on one of these. Maybe not the $199.99 option (that's my internet, electric, and utility for a month), but I could totally see myself popping down $20 or so to get a character I want (i.e. Cyclops or Cap). Does the founder program sound good to you? Let us know!

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