Nicolas Winding Refn Not Directing THE EQUALIZER

A few months ago we got the awesome news that Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn was most likely going to be directing Denzel Washington in a big screen adaptation of the '80s crime series The Equalizer. Now today thanks to Collider we bring you the sad news that he's not going to direct it, and that Sony Pictures is on the hunt for a new director. My interest in this film has just dropped, he was the only thing holding my interest together for this movie. Refn’s still got some cool movies coming up though! Only God Forgives with Ryan Gosling opens on May 23rd, and the director is still attached to the remake of Logan’s Run and an adaptation of the graphic novel, Button Man.

Washington will play Robert McCall in the story, a former spy turned private detective. Here's a brief synopsis of the series:

Robert McCall is a tough-as-nails, no-BS private eye who went into business for himself after leaving the shadowy agency he once worked for. McCall works on behalf of those whose problems the police cannot - or will not - get involved in. His card reads, 'Got a problem? Odds against you? Need help? Call - The Equalizer'. Through 4 seasons, Robert McCall went up against some of the worst elements that New York City had - including gangs, mobsters, crooked cops, vigilantes, stalkers and even psychopathic stockbrokers. 

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