Check Out Pen Ward's More Mature Themed BRAVEST WARRIORS

HumorVideosby Mick Joest

For those of you who may not know Pendleton Ward, he's the creator and overall mastermind of the hit Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. He also marks a new dawn of cartoonists who create awesome cartoons that are just as entertaining for adults as children. In Adventure Time it's awesome because the jokes are hilarious and most of the time go right over the heads of a younger audience who likes it all the same because the overall silliness of the show. With this show it's a little more racy. Not like over the top obscene but there is some slight cussing. So depending on how cool of a parent you want to be, show children at your own risk.

The rest of the episodes are online and featured as part of Frederator's Cartoon Hangover, which features a who's who of cartoonist creating slightly more mature cartoons in an artful fashion. I love it personally, and it's cool to know these brilliant minds can still find an outlet to reach an older peer group out on the web. Check out the episode and let me know what you think!


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