Fun Set of Pictogram Movie Poster Designs

ArtPosterMovie by Joey Paur

Here's a great set of Pictogram movie posters created by designer Matteo Civasch of studio H-57. Each poster lays out the plot of the movie it represents. Some of the movies include Lord of the Rings, E.T., The Shining, The Exorcist, Alien, Robin Hood, The Matrix, and AvatarCivaschi explains his designs saying...

This new set of stories shows our passion for the great, super-popular movies of all time. You have the movies that made the world cry (E.T.), scream (AlienThe Shining), think (The Matrix), hope (Robin Hood), and so on. Each movie, if it's really great, can create a whole new world, tell a story that's never been told before, and give life to unforgettable characters.

Squeezing all of these things into a few icons is fun. In the case of particularly long movies or sagas (like The Lord of the Rings), the final result is even funnier.

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