NINJA TURTLES Movie Starts Shooting in April

Looks like the Michael Bay-produced and Jonathan Liebesman-directed live-action Ninja Turtles movie will start shooting this coming April in New York. The news comes from Production Weekly who tweeted the following...

The film was in pre-production last June, but was put on hold reportedly because of a crappy script, and the director wanted more time to make sure the visual effects he wanted for the movie would be at the level he wanted them. The Ninja Turtles are expected to be motion capture CGI creations. 

On the upside, they want to use the same kind of crazy martial arts fighting style that we saw in The Raid, on the down side the origin of the turtles' story might be changed from mutants to aliens. At least that's what it was when they first started developing the film. If we're lucky, it's been changed back in the re-write of the script. It would be great if this movie turns out as badass as us fans would like it to be.