Marvel Developing PUNISHER Animated Movie

Movie Animated by Joey Paur

Looks like Marvel is ready to jump back into the animated film market with both feet. A few months ago it was announced that they were developing an animated film for Home Entertainment called Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes Untied, but there's another animated feature scheduled to be released this year as well.

Jeph Loeb was recently a guest on the podcast worldballoon, and while on the show he revealed another unannounced animated project they're developing... The Punisher! Not many details were revealed, but it will also include the character Black Widow. 

Loeb also revealed that there are 15 other animated projects at different stages in production, and there's only a few of them who have been announced so far. Click Here to listen to the podcast in which he talks about some of the other Marvel TV projects that are being developed. 

I hope this new series of animated films they are making under the Disney banner are just as awesome as the ones they were making before, like Dr. Strange, Hulk Vs., and Planet Hulk

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