theMulticast: Why Illumiroom Blows and Steam Box Rules

Thank the heavens. Digital Distraction of is back. Oh, and Snaps is here as well. On this week's episode we find out that Snaps and I have been playing Halo 4 all wrong. Did you know that there was specializations you could equip and level up? Of course you did. But we didn't and so get a schooling on the different classes.

After the break, we tackle two of the newest pieces of technology soon to be available to gamers. One is the IllumiRoom. A Kinect tech that will allow your TV display to expand past the TV set and on to your walls! The other is the Steam Box console by Valve. We are very excited about one of them. The other is a useless gimmick. Find out what we hate on this week's episode of theMulticast!

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