WWII Aerial Battle Short Film - 1942

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

Here's another awesome short film called 1942, and it's my favorite film from The Underwater Realm series. It takes place in WWII, and features an incredibly exciting aerial fighter plane sequence.

Each short is set in a different time period, and they take the viewer and characters into the mysterious underwater world of the Atlanteans. Here's a description to get you started...

1942 - As the tide of the second world war begins to turn the forces of twelve nations fight for control of the mediterranean.

Far above, the aviator of the Royal Air Force and Luftwaffe duel for supremacy.

The short was directed by David M Reynolds, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Underwater Realm - Part II - 1942 (HD) from Realm Pictures on Vimeo.