BIOSHOCK INFINITE: Songbird Approaches in This Cool Art Homage

You might know Alex Garner from his covers for DC Comics (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc) or by some of his other work that has made the rounds, but his latest spotlights the two main protagonists of the much anticipated Bioshock Infinite. Alex is a huge JC Leyendecker fan, and so made this as a sort of homage to some of JC's famous work. 

The piece itself features Booker and Elizabeth preparing for the inevitable onslaught of the Songbird, with the city of Columbia in the background. The level of detail is amazing, including the golden hued city and even the fading frame that surrounds the picture.

I'm a sucker for anything set in this time period, so aesthetically alone this is a home run, but even without that style it's well done. You can check out his other work on deviant art or on his website if you feel the same way!

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