Bradley Cooper Set to Star in WWI Spy Thriller DARK INVASION

Warner Bros. has cast Oscar nominated Silver Linings Playbook star Bradly Cooper to star in a new period spy thriller film called Dark Invasion. The movie will be an adaptation of the upcoming novel written by Howard Blum that was just snatched up by the studio. It tells the true story of the first German terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in 1915. The book isn't set to be released until September 11th, 2013, but here's the synopsis for the story thanks to Deadline...

The book is a true spy thriller set in 1915 when Germany, with war raging in Europe and the U.S. still neutral, decides to send their Secret Service to America to wage a covert war to keep this country from helping the Allies. The Kaiser’s spies bomb factories, sabotage ships, shoot JP Morgan Jr (a financier of the Allies), bomb the U.S. Capitol Building, and set up an anthrax lab six miles from the White House.

Cooper will play NYPD Captain Tom Tunney, who brings together a team of people that will bring the German spies to justice. The CIA considers Tunney to be its first head of homeland security. This sounds like an amazing story that will make for a fantastic film.