Don Cheadle Talks About the Tone of IRON MAN 3

Golden Globe winner Don Cheadle who plays Rhodey in Iron Man 3 is currently making the press rounds, and the press can't help but ask him about Iron Man 3. In the interviews he talks about the tone of the film, and kind of teases the press a little bit with ridiculous fake plot spoilers. When talking to E! he said,

The tone is there's more of an existential journey that Tony's on trying to come to grips with this thing that he created that is creating him, too. Who's really in control? And the toll that it takes on his relationships. And then a lot of s--t blows up. Which is what you want in Iron Man 3.

He went on to confirm that this next chapter in the story is kind of like a buddy cop film, since he will be fighting along side Tony Stark a lot. In a separate interview with Enstarz Cheadle talked about the high level of expectation for the movie saying,

I hope that it performs to those levels. We did a little piece of it at Comic-Con and people went crazy. The script is good. We're doing a couple re-shoots next week, but I'm encouraged.

He then had a little fun with the interviewer saying,

I'm not supposed to say that he kills Robert Downey Jr.'s character. Is that a spoiler? That would be a spoiler. You knew that was coming. You read the comic books. I will just say that the buddy relationship that these guys have gets tighter. The third act set piece for the big finale is bigger and badder. It's just a lot more.

All I know is that I've enjoyed everything I've seen from the film so far. It's going to be epic, and I think it's going to end up exceeding our expectations. It's set to hit theaters on May 3rd. That's only four months away!