GHOST IN THE SHELL is Making a Comeback With ARISE

MovieAnimeby Joey Paur

Ghost in the Shell is one of those classic Anime films that most general movie going audiences know about along with Akira and maybe Neon Genesis Evangelion. A new anime series has been announced called Ghost in the Shell: Arise, and although their aren't many details the series is set to launch sometime this year, which means it's been being worked on under the radar for awhile. 

The new series is being directed by Kise Kazuchika who's worked on other projects such as Blood: The Last VampireDennou Coil and Neon Genesis Evangelion franchises, as well as previous Ghost In The Shell projects that have been made. Then there's Mardock Scramble creator Ubukata Tow writing the series.

It has yet to be seen how this series will connect to previous adaptations of Shirow Masamune's original manga series. 

Ghost In The Shell is set in a far future world in which technology has allowed for human augmentation to the point where people are commonly retrofitted with cybernetic implants that offer increased abilities but also open the possibility of individuals being hacked. the principal story in other incarnations has followed the work of a special police force set up to police this sort of mind-hacking with the action packed storyline also affording many opportunities for more philosophical discussion of the nature of the soul, human consciousness and human identity, those latter issues being particular drivers of the Oshii Mamoru feature film projects based on the title.

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