DISNEY INFINITY: Your Toybox Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger

That's the best way to describe Disney Infinity, at least if the trailer is any indication. Disney Infinity, which was officially unveiled today, looks to take the concept that was introduced in Disney's Toy Story 3 and blow it out of the water.

Ignoring the influence of games like Sklyanders and Little Big Planet is impossible, but that doesn't take anything away from how excited I am about the project. If Disney can put out a refined gameplay experience that's also easy to pick up and play with friends (like the aforementioned Sklylanders), Infinity might just be the next big thing Disney hopes it to be.

For those who missed it, Disney Infinity is an open world sandbox game that allows you to play as more than a few characters from the Disney lineup, and deftly includes a huge assortment from the Pixar movies as well. The game features its own portal like device, where you can purchase figures to swap in and out of gameplay at will. As you play in the world you unlock various set pieces that you can use in the world however you see fit, mixing and matching pieces and characters from different franchises to truly create a world all your own.

Depending on the amount of customization available, I could see it truly being a time sink, and a fun one at that, but the tools must be there and the learning curve can't be too steep. You can catch a shot below of some of the available roster (at least initially), but I wouldn't be surprised if before the game releases in June of 2013 there are a few more characters announced.  

Disney could really have a hit on its hands if they learn from their competition and come out with a highly polished and fun product. 

So with that my dream Disney adventure featuring Dodger and Mr.Incredible starts to take shape! HaHA! (cue Evil Professor Laugh)


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