TASMANIAN DEVILS Red-Band Trailer Features a Badass Winnie Cooper

Remember little Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years? Well she grew up to be a wild flame thrower and kick some ass in the new SyFy original movie Tasmanian Devils. A new red-band trailer has been released for the TV movie, and it's packed full of blood and gore. This actually looks like a ton of ridiculous fun. Not only does it star Danica McKellar, but it also stars Apolo Ohno, who doesn't really last that long in the trailer. Here's the synopsis...

A group of daredevil base jumpers in a remote Tasmanian national park are pursued by grizzly bear-sized Tasmanian Devils – legendary creatures created to protect the land from intruders. The film stars Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Olympian medalist Apolo Ohno.

The movie was made by Zach Lipovsky, the visual effects maven on Steven Spielberg’s 2007 Fox reality TV series On The Lot. It's set to premiere on January 19th, 2013 at 9pm, hope you enjoy the trailer!

Tasmanian Devils Trailer - January 19th from Zach Lipovsky on Vimeo.