LINCOLN - Must Watch 20 Minute "Making Of" Featurette

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln was an incredible movie, and it could very well end up walking away with the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards. It took Spielberg years to finally get the movie made, and in the end it was well worth the wait.

Here's a must watch behind the scenes featurette for the film called Lincoln: An American Journey, and it includes interviews with the cast and crew giving a detailed rundown on what it took to bring this story to the big screen. From Spielberg's first visit to the Lincoln Memorial when he was a kid, to how the story came together, to the casting, to the finished product. I loved watching this featurette, there was a lot of cool, interesting stuff that I didn't know. 

If you haven't seen the movie yet, you should definitely go and check it out! As for this featurette, it's a great watch whether you've seen the movie or not. 

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