Skelanimals DC Heroes - Plush Series 2 Hits Stores Soon

What's crazy about this is I wasn't even aware of series 1 till tonight. I love these things! For those unfamiliar with what Skelanimals are, they are plush animals that have met a rather abrupt end, but somehow still maintain an adorable quality. You know, besides the being dead part.

They now have a series of DC based Skelanimals, and series 1 contained Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Series 2 will add Wonder Woman, Bane, Harley Quinn, and Robin. You can also preorder series 1 of the PVC Toy Line, which includes Supes, Bats, GL, and Flash. I've been looking for some additional things to populate my desk at work (in addition to the Buddy The Elf & Captain America Funko Pop Figures that already reside there), and I'm thinking these would be perfect. Adorable, and kind of quirky at the same time, these things are hard not to love. You can pre order them from big bad toystore right now, and each one will cost you around $27 (the PVC line will cost you about $48 as a set). They are both slated to arrive sometime in May of this year.

If only that Green Lantern ChungKee came in a Hope Corp version.

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