SKYRIM - DLC Is Finally Coming to the PS3 and at a Temporary Discount

Wow. How long has it been since the first piece of Skyrim DLC came out? For over a year, Sony-lovers have been held back from enjoying everything that the world of Skyrim can offer. I know I have. I am one of those sad Playstation owners who felt shafted with this whole DLC thing.

Anyway, according to the Playstation Blog, the Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard DLC will be arriving next month (February). An exact date has yet to be released, but at least we have a month, right?

Not only can Sony fanboys finally get their hands on this extra content, it will also be 50% off for the release week of the DLC. Yo, that's a pretty great deal. So, this must be Bethesda's (or Sony's) way of saying they are sorry for having such a difficult system to develop on.

I can only assume that all the DLC will be buggy as hell when it first comes out. The PS3 does not do well with Bethesda games. Oh, well!


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