Three Advantages And Disadvantages The Next Star Wars Series Should Have


While we still have yet to hear details about the next series of Star Wars movies, we can only hope they will be better than the prequels. That's not to say there weren't some things I like in episodes I-III (the lava battle between Obi Wan and Anakin remains my favorite duel), but on the whole I think it can be done better. The following list is just a breakdown of three logical advantages and disadvantages I think the next three films will have that the prequels lacked. Enjoy and post your own thoughts below!

Advantage 1: Limited Lucas Involvement.

For fans of the original trilogy who still weep over the fact that Han shot first, then Greedo, then they both did or hates blinking Ewoks this is a huge plus for the new series. Good or bad, George Lucas can't change s*** once it's out. His limited involvement also means he can't further diminish your childhood by emasculating Darth Vader or Luk...well let's stick to Vader. The long and short of it is this series has been around since 1977, and it's time for a fresh set of eyes.

Disadvantage 1: We Need New Idols.

Obi Wan, Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Jabba The Hutt, The Emperor, Jedis, a whole Death Star of Storm Troopers, Miscellaneous Rebel Alliance Fighters. These icons and so many more all met their end in episodes I-VI and can never, ever return (most likely). How is this a bad thing? As mentioned above, Star Wars fans hate change, and given the fact that there are only a limited number of classic characters to return to, the creators will have to win us over with a whole new set of just as loveable characters. We saw how well that worked last time.

Advantage 2: Original Story

This is where killing off many beloved characters and not having to shoot a prequel comes in handy. The writers of Episode VII only have to pay a limited amount of fan service to the characters we know and love, and then surprise us with what comes next. It would be cool if they were to play into some of the storylines introduced in the novels, but it seems doubtful. I'm sure with all the controversies fans have had in the past with tweaks and changes, better safe than sorry, so just start anew.

Disadvantage 2: No One Will Be "Good Enough" To Direct This Movie.


As of this time there has been no official announcement as to who will be directing the new Star Wars films, but I can guarantee the general response given a general scenario.

Famous well known director: "I'm sorry. I love their work, but I just don't think they can do a good job with this franchise."

Unknown obscure director: "IS DISNEY TRYING TO F*** US RIGHT NOW?!"

Outside of Steven Spielberg (who I personally would think would do a terrible job, but that's probably because I'm a fan), there isn't a single director I think the fans will universally agree on until they see the actual movie. If it's an obscure director and they succeed, they'll be sky-rocketed to success and taken on the bumpy ride that ultimately drove Lucas to walk away from the game. Well-known directors will be heralded for doing what Christopher Nolan did to Batman and will be starting all over again at its end with X/XI/XII. Whoever helms the franchise won't earn it until the fans say so, this is for certain.

Advantage 3: Good Or Bad, Everyone Will See This Movie.

This is going to be "the geek event of the century." We are talking about a set of films no one thought would happen. Old geeks will go with their children, and some with their grandchildren. We have a franchise that has now spanned and captivated an audience over a course of 3 generations which means bukuu bucks at the box office and a huge turn out at the theater. It's going to break box office records regardless of what critics say about it. People will be discussing and dissecting these films years from now and one would hope Disney is not looking to sully their good name by destroying one of the top movie franchises in the world.

Disadvantage 3: Good Or Bad, Everyone Will See This Movie.

We as geeks are all too used to being disappointed and will continue to throw money at things even if they upset us. Hollywood knows it, marketing teams know it, and our creditors know it. It's an addiction to be a geek, and even if we read the most horrid review of the film Thursday morning...we will still be suited up and ready to go come midnight. I can hope they won't serve us up a mediocre story with lackluster performances a second time around, but I know I'll still watch if they do. 

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