Fun Horror Short Involving Bigfoot - EAGLEWALK

Here's a really fun horror short called Eaglewalk that was directed by Rob Himebaugh. The movie takes place in 1971 and features a classic campground massacre involving bigfoot.

Summer fun is on the run when a group of counselors return to open the long-abandoned Camp Eaglewalk, only to unleash the fury of a vengeful Sasquatch whose sacred totem pole was desecrated a decade before. What follows is a 24-hour nightmare of terror as one by one, the counselors are slaughtered by the rampaging beast. Now, the sole survivor must make a desperate last stand, or die running.

I think many of you will enjoy this one. Check it out when you get a chance and let us know what you think!

Eaglewalk from Tristan Borys on Vimeo.


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