MAD MEN Season 6 Will Premiere in April!

TVMad Menby Joey Paur

Mad Men will finally return for its sixth season on April 7th, 2013! AMC made the announcement recently, also stating the the first episode will be a two hour movie premiere written by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and directed by Scott Hornbacher. The second episode of the season was directed by series star Jon Hamm

I love watching this show, and I can't wait to see where the characters are headed. The last time we saw them, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce was recovering from Lane Pryce’s suicide, Peggy Olson joined a rival agency, Roger Sterling was tripping out, and Draper was thinking about getting it on with two pretty young ladies.

When talking to the New York TimesWeiner had this to say about the next season,

It will advance in time, as it does… I can’t say how much or how little. We’re coming off a period in Don’s life where he’s trying to normalize, and trying to have this relationship – a real relationship with this woman that he fell in love with. She expressed her desires and that was a surprise for him. On this show, it’s a very rich, full orchestra, and we like to follow what is the next stage in these people’s lives.

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