theMulticast: Back to BLACK OPS 2 and Bioware is a Mess

Your favorite new favorite Aussie joins us today! Welcome, Cory, theGamerUntamed to the show.  She was originally to bring a sweetness and class to our abomination of a show. That changed as soon as we started talking Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. After over a month, we return to streets of Black Ops 2, and it is no bueno. It has not got any better. Hopefully it cannot get worse. MattShotcha delivers his weekly rant and this time he is taking down Call of Duty... again.

Bioware... Oh, how the mighty have fallen. They thought it was a good idea to develop an all gay planet for SWTOR. We are here to correct them. We discuss just how bad this idea is. The anger and confusion continue as we try to understand who thought segregation was a good idea. More feet are held to the fire this week. Plus, just because we feel like it, we are giving away some Microsoft/PSN points.

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