Hot Toys Reveals IRON MAN 3 War Machine Bust!

You know, we actually haven't seen any photos of War Machine in Iron Man 3 yet. We've seen the Iron Patriot makeover it got, but not the classic War Machine look. Thanks to Hot Toys, here's our first look! 

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/4th scale War Machine Limited Edition Collectible Bust from one of the most anticipating blockbusters of the year - Iron Man 3 movie. It is specially produced based on the image of the War Machine character in the movie, which is presented in fine sculpture, highlighting the light-up functions and rotatable shoulder-mounted gatling gun.

To be honest, I like this War Machine look over what I've seen of Iron Patriot; it just has a more badass feel to it. I'm sure we'll see it pop up in a future trailer... maybe during the Super Bowl? 

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