Washington and Wahlberg in First Look Photo from Action Flick 2 GUNS

Following his drug- and alcohol-fueled adventures in Robert Zemeckis' plane crash drama Flight, Denzel Washington is heading back to the action genre alongside Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming action film 2 Guns. Contraband director Baltasar Kormakur is at the helm of this undercover story of a DEA Agent and a Naval Intelligence Officer who investigate each other but are set up by the mob. JoBlo has the first look photo above, which doesn't give us a lot to go on other than the observations that A) Washington looks like a badass with a gun in his hand, and B) Wahlberg's character loves wearing denim suits for some reason.

I read the comic on which this film is based and wasn't too impressed by it - the story was very generic - and I thought Contraband was barely passable as an action movie, so I'm not excited about this movie at all. I'm open to being won over, but the trailer is going to have to be pretty stellar to make up for a bland photo like this. 2 Guns opens in theaters on August 16th, 2013.