Kirby Avengers - Artist Turns Our Beloved Puff Ball into Marvel's Avengers

Way back in the day, Kirby’s Pinball Land for the Nintendo Game Boy introduced me to our lovely pink puff of power. I used to play that game for hours and hours. Although we haven’t seen a Kirby game in recent years, it’s great to see fans that still love him.

One of those devoted fans is PAabloO on DeviantArt. He has turned Kirby into various Marvel Avengers themed incarnations, and it looks pretty awesome. My favorite would be a toss up between Iron Kirby and Kirby Hulk.

I said this in a recent post regarding a Mega Man/Star Wars crossover, but if LEGO can make great games that adopt storylines from other industries, do you think Kirby can? I would love to see a Kirby Avengers game, wouldn’t you?

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