During an interview with IAMRogue, Cobie Smulders revealed some details about Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series. The How I Met Your Mother actor was discussing her role in Safe Haven, and she spoke a bit about her role as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo (NBC's Community) are directing the movie with production slated for March.

When asked when she would join the production, she stated:

I don’t know the exact dates. I know it's some time in March or June." She goes on to reveal that she has not seen the full script for the Captain America sequel, she said: "I’ve seen parts of it, but yeah I don’t know much. This is Marvel! They don’t let you know anything." "It’s very watermarked scripts, heavily watermarked," She explained of the measures taken by Marvel Studios to present any screenplay pages from leaking. "Yeah, they don’t let you know like the day of, but they are very secretive and I think they are still figuring stuff out.

Joss Whedon is returning to write and direct The Avengers 2 for 2014 and is currently hard at work on the pilot episode of the S.H.I.E.L.D. television series for ABC. Here is what she had to say when asked if she would be appearing in the series in some capacity:

The commitments to [How I Met Your Mother] don’t affect it," Smulders said. "And I can’t really say but there are definite talks about it.

Agent Hill will be part of the Marvel Universe in many future films. Here is what Smulders had to say about that:

Oh yeah! I’m very excited. I will do Maria Hill until they fire me and hire someone else to do it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will re-team Smulders' Agent Hill with her fellow Avengers actors Chris Evans (Puncture), Samuel L. Jackson (Django Unchained), and Scarlett Johansson (Hitchcock). New cast members include Anthony Mackie (Gangster Squad) and Frank Grillo (The Grey). Toby Jones and Sebastian Stan are set to reprise their respective roles from The First Avenger. The film hits theaters on April 4, 2014.

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