MASS EFFECT 3: Hudson & Gamble Tease New DLC

If you've discovered Leviathan and liberated Omega you might be looking for something else to do, but Bioware has seemingly got you covered. Casey Hudson (Executive Producer) & Mike Gamble (Producer) posted two tweets this morning that included the pics below with some vague comments. Peep them below.





The first shot shows what appears to be a casino called Silver Coast, and the second shows a pissed off Krogan with a really big hammer. Some have deduced in the comments that it looks like Thessia, but we will have to wait for more information before we know for sure. As someone who just finished Leviathan and Omega (and thoroughly enjoyed both) I'm actually damn excited to get my hands on some new content. So what's the consensus? Are you happy to see more DLC or are there too many other games to play to go back to Mass Effect? Interested to hear your thoughts.

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