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New IRON MAN 3 Toy Reveals Deep Space Suit - What Does it Mean?

It looks like there's a possibility that Tony Stark is going to show off another awesome suit of armor in Iron Man 3, a deep space suit. This is just a toy design, but it came along with three other toy designs for suits of armor that we know for a fact will be in Iron Man 3, so there's a good chance that this Deep Space Suit will be among them. Marvel President Kevin Fiege even teased Iron Man in Space in a previous interview with /Film saying,

[Guardians of the Galaxy] is where a lot of that will really come to fruition and to me it’s okay and The Avengers is the place to mash it all up, because that’s what Avengers is for and you can have Iron Man in outer space. How’s that going to affect him in Iron Man 3 or 4? Well the truth is that’s in there now. (Laughs) He’s seen some shit, but he’s also Tony Stark and can blow a lot of stuff off so the story of Iron Man 3, as we’ve already talked about, is very insular and very Tony Stark centric as redefined by Shane Black.

The suit could give us some insight as to what we might see in The Avengers 2 or even Guardians of the Galaxy. There was a rumor reported a couple of months ago that Iron Man could very well end up making an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. It makes sense that Stark would have a suit that he could use in space, especially after what he went through in The Avengers. Iron Man 3 is the perfect place to introduce the armor since it looks like future Marvel movie installments will be taking place in space, leading up to a battle against Thanos. 

I'm excited to see how this suit will be implemented in the movie, and it looks like it's going to be another badass suit for Stark to do battle in. What are your theories behind the Deep Space Suit? 

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