2012: A Year in Casual Gaming - Infographic

GameTyrantby Joey Paur

This last year, due to lack of time I found myself playing more casual games than I did the hardcore console games. It was just easier for me to play on my iPhone or iPad when I had time to burn while at the movies, or on the road. Casual gaming is getting bigger, and 2012 was packed full of milestones in the casual gaming industry. Rebel Entertainment has created an infographic that details what went on in the casual gaming world in 2012. Of course Angry Birds hit over 1 billion downloads last year. Mike Goslin, general manager of Rebel Entertainment had this to say in statement,

Smartphone and tablet popularity continued to grow the casual gaming market in 2012, and once again the industry saw increased revenues,... The genre is finally being accepted by a mainstream audience and becoming a mainstay of pop culture, which means casual games will likely dominate the market this year as more game developers and publishers answer the demand for fun but rich and challenging casual game experiences.

The graph breaks down how much money, downloads and attachment social gamers have with casual games. Angry Birds might be one of the most popular and marketed games out there, but there are several other games that had over 10 million downloads without all the marketing dollars. That's pretty impressive. Check out the infographic and let us know what your favorite casual game of choice was last year!

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