Amazing BIOSHOCK Big Daddy LEGO Sculpture

Check out this amazingly cool Bioshock inspired LEGO scupture of Big Daddy. It was created by Finnish LEGO master Pate-Keetongu, who admits to never even having played any of the video games. In fact he says that he's never even bought a "computer game," but that did not stop him from creating this awesomeness! 

The body is built of pieces from the Lego Exo-Force flying mecha sets, and the arms use ball joints and are movable. For the the builder used a "Big ball" or "Tectonic ball" piece, which is held onto the body with the bricks and tubes around it. The Big Daddy's hand drill is a piece of the classic Rock Raiders sets from the late 1990s.

I've also included his Samus Aran Power Suit LEGO build, which is also really cool. Check out the photos and tell us what you think!