Stormtroopers vs. Alien Horde - Badass Geek Art

Art Aliens by Joey Paur

We've featured several pieces of Star Wars art from Robert Shane a.k.a. rhymesyndicate in the past. His Star Wars vs. Aliens illustrations are among some of my favorite. Thanks to /Film I saw that he created a new amazingly badass piece of geek art featuring a group of Stormtroopers being brutally attacked by a horde of Aliens!

Here's a note from the artist,

This is a 'companion' piece to my drawing of Darth Vader meeting an Alien queen. Perhaps this battle is what happened on board Vader's Star Destroyer immediately before he turned up to restore order!? 

I wanted this piece to look claustrophobic and chaotic - to give a sense of the mayhem that's taking place - without resorting to drawing blood and guts everywhere! So I only depicted the characters in the picture... no background... no scenery. 

I didn't want this to be one of those pieces where the center of the page is full detail while the edges are blurry or lacking in detail. There's nothing wrong with that approach - in fact it's the 'right' way to compose a piece that directs the viewer's eye. But for this one - I just wanted the page to be full - so that wherever you look - there's something happening.

He succeeded. I'd love a poster of this. 

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