Time to Get Weird - Check Out This Princess Peach Paddle Board

If you're like me, you enjoy it when the internet takes things into its hands and makes them weird. If the internet is successful at anything, it is pretty good at turning even the most sexless thing into some sort of fetish.

Take for instance this paddle board with Princess Peach printed on it. I have never thought about putting Peach on some sort of vague sex toy. But luckily, the people over at Geek Kink thought she would be the most appropriate character to put on their kinky paddle board. Here is a brief description of the paddle:

Sweet Princess Peach is ready for saving on this paddle!

The paddle itself is 9"
The handle is 4"
The total from end to end is 13"

The paddle will run you $35.00. That's a small price for letting Peach join you in your kinky activities. You might also just want to chase frat kids around with it. It's all up to you because this is America, you know.

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