Latest UFO Sighting Leaves Air Force Stumped

RantUFOby Mick Joest


Two weeks ago Amherst Massachusetts residents mass reported a sighting of a "silent grey triangular ship" floating in the sky for a period, only to disappear and then reappear later that night. At first the local air force said they had no reports of a vehicle in the sky around that time, but then later said that it "could" have been one of their Air Force C5 cargo planes. After further prompting Lt. Col. James Bishop, Westover chief of public affairs said that it was "highly unlikely" that citizens of the town would match the incredibly large and noisy plane with the description mentioned. The initial news report on the incident can be found in the video below.

This isn't the first of odd occurrences in the sky in recent memory as random areas in the Midwest have been hearing "loud booms" coming from seemingly nowhere. So what's going on exactly? Aliens perhaps? More likely secret government testing I would reckon seeing as the description seems to match the X-37B which is an unmanned aircraft first spotted in June (see photo below). So maybe it was some sort of new spy craft having a test run? What do you think?