Ridley Scott to Produce MIND MGMT Film Adaptation!

One of my favorite Comics of 2012 was Mind MGMT so I almost had a stroke due to extreme awesomeness when I learned that 20th Century Fox picked up the rights to it, and that Ridley Scott was going to produce it! 

The book centers on a government agency consisting of psychic spies and their greatest asset, a man named Henry Lime. After he suffers a breakdown and loses control of his abilities, causing the populace of a town to kill each other, he goes on the run. Several years later, a true crime author named Meru, who was part of a flight where everyone mysteriously developed amnesia, is saved by Lime and begins to investigate the agency, uncovering her own secret connection to it.

Matt Kindt is an incredible writer and his art is so unique. This story would work so well on film and I am so psyched! Pun Intended.

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