Daniel Craig May Not Come Back for DRAGON TATTOO Sequel


I loved David Fincher's adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and I'm excited for the sequel, The Girl Who Played With With Fire. It's going to happen! Fincher wants to do it, and the studio wants to as well. So what's been the hold up? Well apparently, even though Daniel Craig wants to reprise his role in the film, he also wants more money, and the studio might not want to do that. If they don't end up making a deal, and he ends up not coming back, sources close to the action say the studio could write the character out of the sequel. They say it shouldn't be hard to do because the sequel focuses more on the Lisbeth Salander character that Rooney Mara will be back to play.

The don't want to do that if they can help it though. THR says "Sony would prefer not to be forced to commission a rewrite of Steven Zaillian's script, which is considered production-ready and cost the studio mid-seven figures, one of the most expensive adaptations to date." 

I hope they are able to come to an agreement during the negotiation process, which has yet to happen. I'd like to see Craig back in the role. He was awesome in the first film. The sequel wouldn't be the same without him or the character. 

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