Alright, we all know Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a villainous character named John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness, and there's some new speculation on the internet that the character might just end up being based on a character named Robert April. If you never watched the 1970s animated Star Trek series, then you would have no idea who this character is.

He appeared in an episode called "The Counter-Clock Incident", and was introduced as being the first Captain of the Star Ship Enterprise, before Christopher Pike. The story revolved around everyone on the Enterprise aging backwards, and April was able to figure out how to reverse the process. You can watch that episode here.

What interesting about this, is in the first 9-minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness there is a little girl in a hospital who is aging at an accelerated rate. For those of you who have seen it, Cumberbatch is there, and tells the father of the little girl played by Noel Clarke that he can cure her. I've got to say that's a pretty interesting connection, and it makes sense.

To solidify this claim, Drew McWeeny from HitFix says that he saw the name April on some early production design artwork, and Brendon Connelly from Bleeding Cool posted a section from the IDW tie-in comic book that includes the Robert April character introducing himself.

Now there's also the possibility that Peter Weller could be playing April in the film, and that Cumberbatch's role is still just the John Harrison guy. What do you think about this theory? 

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